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If you’re like most investors, you’re interested in earning passive income in 2021 but, you may also be concerned about the end of the ‘everything bubble’.

What is the everything bubble? It’s a theory that the value of every asset is inflated and will one day pop.

Investors everywhere, including Ray Dalio, have been speculating that the end of the everything bubble is coming, but the big question is if the bubble pops will you still be able to earn passive income?

The Everything Bubble May Pop But Multifamily Rental Properties Will Remain In Demand

As an investor, you have every right to be concerned about the end of everything bubble, especially how it may affect your stock market portfolio.

When it comes to multifamily real estate, the end of everything bubble will not affect the multifamily real estate market because the demand for multifamily properties will remain.

More people than ever before want to live in multifamily properties because the average multi-family property is closer to downtown areas, offers more amenities, and doesn’t come with the stress or maintenance of living in a single-family property.

People are always going to need a place to live, and when it comes to a multi-family property, as long as that property is in a great location that’s close to jobs, schools and things to do in the local area, the owner of the property can expect to have a building that’s occupied with great tenants even after the everything bubble pops.

How Will Inflation Affect Multifamily Real Estate?

Besides the everything bubble, another major concern that most investors have right now is inflation and its effect on the credit markets because there’s no denying that cheap interest rates have made it easy for investors to finance real estate deals.

If inflation increases during the Biden Administration, we could see interest rate increases and this would make it difficult for some investors who have invested in multifamily properties without following sound economic fundamentals.

Risk is always something that passive income investors have to calculate regardless if they are investing in the stock market or multi-family properties. With the very real prospect of inflation around the corner, now is the right time for investors everywhere to not only shore up their financial lives but to use wisdom and due diligence before investing in their next properties.

Where To Invest In Multifamily Properties In 2021?

Let’s say that you’re ready to move forward with investing in multifamily properties in 2021, if that’s the case, here’s a breakdown of some of the areas across the United States that you should consider investing in multifamily properties this year.

Texas – The first state to consider looking for multi-family properties in 2021 is Texas. Investors everywhere are talking about Texas because multi-family properties in Texas are priced far lower than comparable properties nationwide, and the demand for rental properties in Texas has never been higher.

Some of the cities to consider investing in multifamily properties in Texas include Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Houston, Austin, and surrounding cities in the central Texas area.

The prospect of the collapsing everything bubble has actually been good for Texas in recent years because investors who have sensed a shifting in the market have sold their passive income real estate and moved to Texas.

As we move forward in 2021, more people will likely want to continue relocating to Texas because, besides having affordably priced real estate, many of the top employers nationwide, including Tesla, are relocating here or they’re opening new branches of their companies in the Lone Star State.

Indiana – Another great state to consider investing in multifamily properties in 2021 is Indiana, specifically Fort Wayne, where multifamily properties are extremely affordable.

Fort Wayne’s a great place for new and experienced real estate investors because any investor can build a good portfolio of income properties here since the demand for multifamily properties is increasing as more people relocate to the area for jobs and affordable living.

New York – Even though the New York real estate market has taken a beating since the start of COVID-19, there are plenty of other great cities across New York that are going to be hot spots for real estate investing, and earning passive income in 2021.

Some of the cities that you should consider investing in multifamily properties in New York this year include Syracuse and Rochester.

Florida – Let’s say that your goal is to invest in real estate in the Sunshine State, if that’s the case, you should consider investing in either Jacksonville or Naples Florida, both growing communities that have seen an increase in the demand for multifamily properties in recent years.

Michigan – Last of all, but most important, another great spot for investing in multifamily properties in 2021 is Michigan, specifically in the Detroit area, where there still are plenty of affordably priced multifamily properties available.

Yes, Detroit took a beating after the 2009 financial crisis, and the end to the last everything bubble, but since then, it’s fought its way back, and the city has gone through a revitalization in recent years, including becoming another hotspot for technology companies in the United States.

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