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About Us

Trier Capital Inc is a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily (apartments) properties. We seek to acquire underperforming properties where value can be added physically, operationally, and administratively. We invest in areas of the United States with increasing population growth, decreasing unemployment, diverse employer mix and strong economics. Our focus is the South Eastern United States such as Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida and Texas.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a highly profitable commercial real estate portfolio, recognized for quality, value, and tenant comfort. We act on behalf of both our investors and our tenants, in accordance with our core values: QUALITY · INTEGRITY · SERVICE

Erik Hatch

Founder & Director

Erik is currently invested in projects in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Kentucky totaling $129 Million. He is an accomplished leader who motivates and inspires action while at the same time, is grounded in business metrics and information that drives successful businesses.

A successful serial entrepreneur who founded two aviation maintenance enterprises, AOG Aviation Spares, LLC and Seginus Aerospace, LLC, that recently sold to a private equity firm. Mr. Hatch guided his companies for 17 years to be leading suppliers to major world airlines. Mr. Hatch is an expert in identifying areas of cost savings and maintenance strategies that saved aircraft operators millions of dollars each yearly. Mr. Hatch takes his vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy, logical execution, and leveraging his team of experts. Mr. Hatch is also a Private Pilot and A&P Mechanic.

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Thomas Wieser

Director of Asset Management

A 30 year professional executive experienced in business management, sales, marketing, quality, purchasing, customer service, and logistics. His primary objective has been to establish, maximize, and protect revenue opportunities and to grow EBITDA.

He is proficient in developing long-standing business relationships with customers, agents, and distributors, as well as successfully managing contract negotiations. Additionally, he possesses strong leadership abilities, as well as planning and analytical skills, with a focus on process and change management.

Gary Burns

Director of Underwriting

For 30 years, Gary has been involved in multifamily real estate ownership, management and resale in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Florida. Mr. Burns is currently heavily involved with 3 large developments in Michigan City, Indiana including Beachwalk a 400 home vacation development, White Pine, a 25 acre, 22 home site development in New Buffalo Michigan, and Avant Garden, soon to be a 100 acre tiny home development.

In addition, Gary is invested in select vacation rentals in Jacksonville Beach Florida together with MBM getaway, a branded vacation rental business which owns, manages and rents its own properties. Mr. Burns is and expert real estate investor and business consultant. Prior to becoming a private business owner, Mr. Burns worked for KPMG and Sam Zell.

Frank Marerro

Property Management Liaison

Based outside of Manhattan Frank is currently the owner of a property management firm which manages in excess of $750 Million worth in real estate assets. With over 20 years of experience in banking, lending, and real estate management, Frank has developed his companies to service his client’s every real estate need. His footprint includes Northern NJ, Northeast Florida and South Florida.

Mark Benrus

Director of Finance

A Certified Public Accountant who has been an entrepreneur and financial executive for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in a variety of executive positions, including C level officer positions. He has also served as the Chief Financial Officer for companies in the food manufacturing, real estate and retail service industries.

During his career, Mark has been responsible for financial oversight in all the companies with which he has worked. He is credited with implementing cost saving initiatives through team building and project management. He is responsible for improving and developing banking relationships that allowed for company growth, which subsequently helped sustain profitability. He has structured and negotiated numerous banking agreements.

Why Multifamily

The many advantages to owning multifamily real estate such as huge tax savings, stable cashflow, increased leverage and controlled management, are what attracted Tim to multifamily. He created Ginkgo Holdings, LLC to form partnerships with family and friends to acquire and operate multifamily apartment buildings.

Tim believes real estate investing has given his family an enhanced quality of life. It has provided his family with not only financial freedom but also freedom of time. He wants to share the opportunities found in real estate and spread the wealth with family and friends.

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Multifamily Investing in Real Estate

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